Decorating Small Apartments For Making Them Look Big

Decorating small apartments for making them seem bigger needs some clever innovations as well as out-of-the-box thinking. Small furniture, light colors and keeping all surfaces clutter-free are some simple techniques for decorating that professionals use too often when they have to deal with a shortage of space in rental apartments. So, here is how you can make your small apartment feel like a big one.

Walls of the apartments that have limited space should be painted in a non-intrusive and light color. Quite pale pink, pale yellow, or light brown can all serve as the decorative backdrops for your apartment. Your apartment’s color needs to be inviting, happy and must allow your eye to see beyond walls and out of windows.

When you are decorating small apartments, you have to work with all that you have. Usually, you don’t have flooring as your option. If you make use of dark woods, you should invest in area rugs that can easily blend with all upholstery in the apartment. Busy modern or Oriental area rugs tend to be confining. The flooring of your apartments for rent in San Antonio should be kept light and simple.

It is also advisable to invest in scaled-down furniture items. Rather than buying a sofa, you should look for some love seat. Don’t go for puffy roll-arms because they eat up lots of precious space. It is better to select tapered and trim designs that are not invasive and quite comfortable at the same time as well. Open side chairs need to be used. Any solid furniture pieces should be avoided. Allow yourself to look through furniture pieces.

Hanging mirrors in the apartment can be a great idea because they have an expanding effect on any room. Either use a large mirror hung vertically for creating division between your living room and dining space or you can use one that is hung horizontally over your loveseat. In the latter case make sure that mirror is not wider compared to your loveseat to maintain proportion.

It is always advisable to buy a table with a high top along with 2-4 high-legged chairs for creating functional dining space while making sure that the dining space of your rentals in San Antonio is not overcrowded. Heavy and dark woods should be completely avoided. Chairs should not match one another and the use of differing chair styles can an element of interest in your décor. Make sure to go for open back chairs that can be seen through.

Any media components should not be allowed to get to the sight. You can find media centers in the market that are closed and can have different sizes. They can be quite helpful in avoiding the clutter. Placing small cabinet at the angle to a wall serves as a decorative furniture piece, and you can use it as additional storage as well.